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98 Days of Mayhem - Episode #9

Sep 4th, 2013 / Posted By: Tim Morelli

God Bless Texas! The Mayhem van rolls through the Lone Star State, including a trip to Austin and meeting up with Zumiez Couch Tour in Houston. Watch as the DGK team, including the hilarious Steven Fernandez aka "Baby Scumbag" rips the demo. The contest results are as follows:

Austin, TX:
Garrett Young

Houston, TX:
1. Ryan Thompson
2. Tommy Wilkenson
3. Dominique Owens

Best Foot Forward @ The Berrics

Sep 3rd, 2013 / Posted By: Charlie Allen

The Top 3 winners from the final in SF went to the Berrics to continue the mayhem!

Chris Wimer, Corey Huber, and Jon Cosentino destroyed The Berrics for a Zumiez Best Foot Forward themed Gram Yo Selfie! Wimer gets one of his perfect kickflip back crooks, Huber gets a new trick, Cosentino shouts out to Canada, and Coley gets a cameo benny. Brought to you by The Berrics:

98 Days of Mayhem - Episode #8

Aug 30th, 2013 / Posted By: Tim Morelli

Watch as the Mayhem van rolls through Salt Lake City, UT and Denver, CO.  The crew gets some time for some suburban skate sessions between contests.  Also, check out the always insane Baker and Deathwish skate team demo at the Denver stop.

The winners in Salt Lake City are as follows:
1.  Tyson Bowerbank
2.  Brody Penrod
3.  Ricky Chavez

The winners in Denver, CO are as follows:
1.  Phil Hansen
2. Julien Christensen
3.  Damien Lynch

98 Days of Mayhem - Episode #7

Jul 31st, 2013 / Posted By: Tim Morelli

In the seventh installment of Zumiez Best Foot Forward 2013: 98 Days of Mayhem, the Mayhem van rolls through Northern California. The crew hits some street spots in the Bay before linking up with Zumiez Couch Tour in Sacramento. The Plan B team ripped that demo, watch as Torey Pudwill drops some serious hammers. After Zumiez Couch Tour the van hit up Lake Tahoe for a little R&R and some wakeboarding and intertubing. The contest results in Sacramento were as follows:

1. Brent Bell
2. Adam Henry
3. Kaegan Osborne

BEST foot forward Finals

Jul 31st, 2013 / Posted By: steve

We rounded up 30 of the best AMs in the United States for one final showdown at Treasure Island in San Francisco. Come out to support skateboarding and watch some of the best up and coming kids throw down for a chance at winner’s glory. Only one will come out on top……. Let the mayhem ensue!

Zumiez Best Foot Forward Final Contest

When: August 9th, 2013 3:00PM

Where: Treasure Island

6th Street Ave of the Palms

San Francisco, CA

So-Gnar "Heart the Midwest" edit

Jul 25th, 2013 / Posted By: Tim Morelli

Our homies from So-Gnar just dropped the "Heart the Midwest" edit.  This one features So-Gnar team rider Mitch Schmidt.  Mitch won the Zumiez Best Foot Forward contest in Seattle this year.  He'll be heading to San Francisco to compete in the Zumiez Best Foot Forward finals along with the 30 other qualifiers on August 9, 2013.  The So-Gnar crew brought good vibes and DIY art to all of the stops on Zumiez Couch Tour this summer. Check out their line of  t-shirts at, including the Love the Midwest t-shirt featured in this video.

98 Days of Mayhem - Episode #6

Jul 19th, 2013 / Posted By: Tim Morelli

In the sixth episode of Zumiez Best Foot Forward 2013, 98 Days of Mayhem the van rolls through the Pacific Northwest.  The Mayhem van crew shares the stoke with riders in Seattle and Portland at the first two stops of Zumiez Couch Tour and even makes a stop in the Redwood National Forest on the way down to California.    The contest results were as follows:

Seattle, WA
1.  Mitch Schmidt
2. Jason Seigler
3. Brian Kranstavano

Portland, OR
1. Joey Carnera
2. Mike Davis
3. Ben Stall

Cody Davis wins Minneapolis, MN

Jul 10th, 2013 / Posted By: steve

Yesterday, Zero and the Best Foot Forward dudes threw the last contest in the states at 3rd Lair Skatepark in Golden Valley. Chris Cole, Jamie Thomas, and Tommy Sandoval were out helping judge and skated around the park then hooked the kids up with an impromptu autograph signing.....

98 Days of Mayhem - Episode #5

Jul 8th, 2013 / Posted By: Tim Morelli

Vegas Baby! The Mayhem van rolls through Sin City, will they make it out alive? Daewon Song, Cooper Wilt and some of the Almost skate team show up to stoke out the contestants as guest judges at Skatecity in Las Vegas. This episode also features the contest at Skatelab in Simi Valley, CA. The results of the contests are as follows:

Las Vegas, NV:
1st: Pip Moranto
2nd: Jason Thurtle
3rd: Nick Michaels

Simi Valley, CA
1st: Gage Boyle
2nd: Anthony Estrada
3rd: Nick Livigni

Zero skateboards in Minnesota

Jul 8th, 2013 / Posted By: steve

We decided to bring in the big guns to finish up this year's Best Foot Forward tour, so our brothers in arms at Zero Skateboards will be rolling into Minneapolis, Minnesota this Tuesday July 9th, skating, and guest judging at 3rd Lair Skatepark

Jamie Thomas, Chris Cole, and Tommy Sandoval will be in the building, so bring your A game! 

You still have 24HRS. to register for the event if you have not yet, just drop by HERE